VTI Services delivers first laser safety labelling course to Queensland Government agencies

The half day course addressed mandatory labelling requirements of AS/CA S009 and AS/NZS IEC 60825.1 associated with communication systems and was aimed at educating implementation and operational staff as to the obligations under the standards.  

The course addressed hazard control strategies and risk mitigation techniques which included engineering controls and administrative controls associated with laser communication within customer premises. 

The issue of contamination (dirt) of optical interface connectors was also addressed with basic cleaning for field staff, coupled with the identification of the impact of contamination on Safety and Security systems and the reliability of operational networks. 

Feedback from the course indicated that the clear understanding of the conformance requirements of laser safety labelling provided will strengthen current processes for acceptance of fibre installations, however contamination (dirt) found on the connectors of new patch cords removed from sealed bags changed a few attendees’ perception on the need to clean. 

Information on Laser safety labelling obligations can be found within AS/CA S009 with the durability of the requirements found within AS/CA S008. The sizing of labelling can be found within AS/NZS IEC 60825.1 which states that the size, proportions and layout of the labels shall be determined by the viewing distance from which the label can be understood. 

VTI Services Technical Director Murray Teale indicated that the development of the laser warning label training course and the development of compliant laser safety labels was in response to low compliance in the field. 

Murray stated “It is surprising that organisations with great OH&S systems in place have such low compliance in an area with clearly defined mandatory requirements”.

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