The last Christmas for AS/NZS 3080 Generic cabling for customer premises

Just in time for Christmas, the international standard six-part series ISO/IEC 11801.x has been published.

The original ISO/IEC11801 document is the base document for AS/NZS 3080.

A project proposal to adopt these standards has been approved by Standards Australia and the project will be kicked off 21st February 2018.

The adoption of the new standards will see the old descriptor AS/NZS 3080 being replaced with a new descriptor AS/NZS ISO/IEC 11801.x with the exception of AS/NZ 11801.1.

The change in the format of the descriptor for AS/NZS 11801.1 is due to this standard being adopted as a modified text adoption enabling the inclusion of information on mandatory requirements invoked by The Telecommunication Act and enforced by the ACMA, and additionally local interpretations of ISO/IEC 11801 when the intent is unclear.

The new series sees the introduction of Category 8 cabling and components, more detailed support for remote powering and distributed building services.

The distributed building services is also aimed at the support of IoT applications.

So the good news is that nothing will happen before the new year, the bad news is that your specifications will need to be updated early next year to remain relative.

While that review is underway it may be of interest that the mandatory AS/CA S008 and AS/CA S009 are currently under review and should be out early 2018.

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