Fibre Categories under AS/NZS 11801.1

The draft AS/NZS 11801.1 Information technology Generic cabling for customer premises, Part 1: General requirements (ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017, MOD) sees the introduction of two new categories of optical fibre cable and the grandfathering for three of the existing categories.

The new multimode fibre category is OM5 which is a 50ยตm fibre offering the possibility of Wave Division Multiplexing in the future. OM5 has the same minimum modal bandwidth at 850nm and 1300nm as OM4, however, it has additional requirements at 953nm.

OM5 cable attenuation is 3.0 dB/km at 850nm compared to 3.5 dB/km for OM3 and OM4.

The new single mode is OS1a which is a three-window fibre similar to OS2, however, the attenuation for an OS1a cable is 1.0 dB/km for 1310nm, 1383nm and 1550nm compared to 0.4 dB/km across the wavelengths for OS2.

The adoption of AS/NZS 11801.1 will see the grandfathering of OM1, OM2 and OS1 allowing them to remain valid.

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