ICT Standards training/workshop in Auckland 29th November 2018

ICT Standards training/workshop in Auckland 29th November 2018

VTI Service is to delivery a consulting engineering workshop in Auckland on 29th November in conjunction with BISCI. The workshop is based around changes to performance standards and the proposed introduction of new energy sources (ES1, ES2 and ES3) and remote powering classifications (RP1, RP2 and RP3).

The workshop also will address

·         Replacement of AS/NZS 3080 with AS/NZS 11801-x series

·         What the new series addresses

·         Divergence between Australian and New Zealand Standards

·         Modular plug terminated links MPTL

·         Compliance requirement of the standards called up in New Zealand under AS/NZS 11801.x

·         Heat rise and remote powering and the associated effect on channel and link lengths

·         Risks and risk migration strategies related to generic cabling

For those interested registration is via the BICSI website https://www.bicsi.com.au/events/ict-standards-training-2/

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