VTI Services Advanced Testing & Analysis of LAN Optical Fibre Training is a vendor independent training course which provides the participants a clear understanding of test analysis and applicable testing regimes to establish conformance of optical fibre systems to published standards and associated specifications. This one day course is designed specifically for those people whose responsibility includes the establishment of compliance of optical fibre cabling systems at the handover of an installation, but can also be used by those who are already competent with Optical Fibre testing and analysis who are looking to further expand their expertise and/or bring their knowledge up to date.

The course is designed to identify the compliance and testing requirements associated with the Optical LAN Fibre System which includes:

  • Conformance requirements.
  • Encircled Flux launch for Multi-mode installations.
  • The impact of OTDR setup on the validity of test data.
  • Signature Traces.
  • ORL Analysis.
  • OM3, 4, 5 and OS1a and OS2 requirements.
  • Measurement uncertainty.
  • Channel implementation.
  • Safety labelling obligations.
  • Documentation requirements.

Who should attend:

The course is targeted at those individuals whose area of responsibility includes optical fibre cabling systems such as:

  • Consultants.
  • Project Managers.
  • Specialist optical fibre Installers.
  • Telco installers who wish to transition into LAN.
  • Network support personnel.


A formal assessment is included with the training course.
Assessment takes the form of evaluation of test data provided.
Assessment criteria is based on 100% correct assessment of conformance of test data with 70% or more correct identification of any non-conformance issues
Reassessment can be taken without the need to re-sit the training course


  • On the successful completion of the course and the assessment the participate will be issued a VTI Services OFTA (Optical Fibre Test Assessor)-LAN certificate
  • The VTI-OFTA-LAN certificate will remain current for a period of two years after that period reassessment can be taken without retaking the course
  • It is recommended that courses be resat with a change of standards.

The course has been developed and will be delivered by Murray Teale. Murray Teale is an industry expert with commitment to industry development, who works and contributes to the following:

  • Technical director of VTI Services, a NATA Inspection body whose scope of accreditation includes the interpretation of optical fibre test results.
  • Is active in Australian standard CT-002  (Optical fibre working group)
  • Represents Australia on fibre testing in the international standards ISO/IEC SC25 Working Group
  • Was chairman of AS/CA S009 Working Group (2012-2013) which addressed in part safety associated with optical fibre cabling systems in LAN
  • Current Chair of Australian Standard CT1 committee (AS/NZS 3080)
  • Member of FIA UK
  • Member of FOA US

What you need to bring:

  • A laptop with latest Linkware and Anritsu software
  • Please note: This course standing is advanced. The course is attended for industry experts, who already have a formidable amount of knowledge regarding Optical Fibre testing.


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