Company Profile

VTI Services was founded in 1993 and is a 100% privately owned and run Australian company delivering its services nationally and internationally.

While originally the company focused on the broad range of consulting, project management and inspection services, VTI Services transformed itself into a unique company specialising in testing and inspection of communication cabling systems to meet a niche requirement of our clients.

VTI Services is committed to research and development with 15% of its net profit being allocated to the development of new and existing products.

VTI Services development strategy includes the commitment to industry development and has active representation on

  • Communications Alliance - Customer Equipment and Cable Reference Panel
  • Standards Australia CT1 Working Group (AS/NZS 11801.x)
  • Standards Australia CT1/2 Working Group (fibre/fiber)
  • NATA (Accredited Twisted Pair and fibre inspection reporting)
  • NECA Standards Representative
  • AS/CA S009 Working Group
  • AS/CA S008 Working Group

Independence is a core component to VTI Services ethos and success. We support our commitment to independence by having fully documented procedures in place for all verification, testing and inspection services which are independently reviewed annually by external parties.

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