Optical Attenuation and Propagation Delay Calculator

for AS/NZS ISO/IEC 14763.3 :2012
Cable Length (m) Check it
Number of End Connectors  2
Additional connectors
(Other than the end connectors)
Number of Splices
Cord Reference One Cord
Three Cord
Optical attenuation allowance for link components
850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1550nm 1310nm 1550nm
Allowance for the two end connectors 0.60dB 0.60dB 1.00dB 1.00dB 1.00dB 1.00dB
Allowance for any additional connectors
Allowance for splices
Allowance for cable
Referencing Method Influence            
Total Optical Attenuation Budget for a Link
Propagation Delay  

These figures reflect requirements of AS/NZS ISO/IEC14763.3:2012
These figures are based on 1. utilising a Light Source or Light source and associated mode conditioning device that produces the correct modal launch conditions 2. utilising test cords with reference connectors that meet the current standard

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